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Vestcom is the industry leader in shelf-edge media for Retailers and CPGs. Drive shopper engagement while making store teams more effective. This is how our solutions deliver tangible value to your business.

Vestcom Services

We manage complexity so your teams don’t have to. Our unmatched capabilities meet the speed, scale, and precision that your business demands. For more than 30 years, our patented shelf-edge innovation has been trusted by 70+ retailers across more than 60,000 stores and 500+ CPGs.


Delivering one box of solutions to each store for greater efficiency and zero waste.


Expansive footprint across the U.S. to deliver at the pace you need and ensure business continuity.


Synthesizing disparate data sources such as store maps, planograms, pricing, promotion files and more.



Headquarter Information

2800 Cantrell Road Suite 500 Little Rock, AR 72202

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Little Rock, AR

Vestcom Case Studies


Fulfill just-in-time needs to reprint or modify labels and signs through our proprietary software.

Executes unanticipated price changes and reprints in real-time
Maintains consistent look and feel of existing price communication
Flexibility to print in-store or have it delivered.


Emphasize health and wellness attributes to help shoppers purchase with confidence.

Highlights in-demand dietary and lifestyle preferences at shelf
Proprietary database of 100+ attributes curated by our team of dieticians, adhering to FDA and USDA guidelines
Custom built platform enables seamless integration with retailer pricing data and turnkey execution in-store and online.


Engage shoppers at the shelf-edge, overlaying brand and promotional content onto price-integrated media.

Elevate the shopper experience and drive sales by promoting value added brand content, digital offers and new items
Support retailer marketing initiatives like private label, loyalty programs and events with custom branded content
Capture greater share of CPG marketing spend to drive category growth.


Create smarter signage throughout the store, integrating price and store-level specifications.

Amplify existing store communications, driving speed, cost savings, and price accuracy through data-integration
Tech-enabled platform simplifies workflow, streamlining planning and production
Increase efficiency with store-level customization and one-box delivery


Execute your planogram flawlessly across every store, reducing time and increasing compliance of resets.

Patented solution combining custom retailer messaging with store-specific planogram data
Clear visuals, along with product and pricing information, guide stockers to quickly and accurately fill shelves
Reduces out of stocks and maintains shelf presentation


Enable store teams to execute price and promotion changes with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Patented self-adhering labels come pre-cut, stacked on proprietary speedBoard® in walk sequence
Sophisticated technology enables data-driven customization to individual store-level planogram
Revolutionary time and cost savings with zero cutting, sorting, cleanup and waste

Vestcom Mission

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our growing team embodies the experience of an established company with the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup. It takes an entire team to deliver the excellence we are known for. From coding to finance to operations to sales, we offer all types of careers, all over the country. Connecting us all is a genuine pride and unwavering dedication to making an impact for each one of our clients.