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Preliminary Interview: Meaning, Purpose, And Tips To Ace It

Nervous candidate in an interview
Applicant in an interview
Recruitment process

In today’s business world, companies approach recruitment in various ways. The use of different interview methods, such as the remote interview, is an example. The recruitment process by the companies has gotten more dynamic over the years. A preliminary interview is part of this new recruitment approach.

Preliminary interviews are the very first interviews in the recruitment process. Employers usually see preliminary interviews as a screening process. They reject candidates that do not fit the company’s needs and job requirements. Hence, it can cost a candidate if he does not prepare well for it.

So, if you are a candidate gearing up for a preliminary interview, it is vital to understand how they work. You should also be familiar with the structure and understand its purpose. It will help you in preparing well for the interview and staying confident. And when it comes to interviews, being confident solves half of the problems.

Let us first understand the concept and purpose of preliminary interviews. We will then move on to the essential tips for nailing one. After all, interviews are all about knowing your strengths and being confident. So, knowing some useful preliminary interview tips is sure to prove helpful.

What Is a Preliminary Interview?

Candidate standing on the START line
It’s about gathering basic information

It is usually like a screening process implemented by the employer. During a preliminary interview, employers look at several candidates and reject those who do not fit the job requirements. The goal of the candidate, of course, is not to be on the rejected list.

From the candidate’s point of view, a preliminary interview is the first step towards getting hired. But it is also an excellent opportunity to make the first and lasting impression on the recruiter to qualify for the next round of interviews. It also provides the candidate with a chance to move ahead in the competition.

Preliminary interviews are shorter than formal interviews. During a preliminary interview, the conversation usually revolves around the job requirements.

These interviews are fast-paced, not allowing candidates a lot of space to express themselves. On the other hand, candidates have a golden opportunity to impress the employers from the word go!

What Is the Purpose of a Preliminary Interview?

A string of bulbs with one of them having a human illustration in it.
Finding the right candidate

A preliminary interview is like a screening process implemented by recruiters. It’s mainly an initial meeting to gather basic information and discuss the job description. Its purpose is to find suitable candidates and reject those who do not fit the company’s needs.

Candidates often commit the mistake of taking a preliminary interview too easily. Make sure you don’t make this mistake and end up being knocked out of the very first round.

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During a preliminary interview, employers screen out all the wrong candidates. They also try to determine whether the skills of a candidate benefit the company’s needs. Employers also try to determine whether a particular candidate is willing to work with dedication.

So, a preliminary interview is a great chance for candidates to make an early impression. As a candidate, you should approach your preliminary interview with sincerity. After all, it can help you catch the recruiter’s eye from the very beginning of the recruitment process!

Tips to Nail the Preliminary Interview

Candidates often mistake the Preliminary interview to be not as tricky as the real one. For those who are not familiar with the pre-interview, it is essential to understand that it is incredibly vital in the build-up to the thick of the recruitment process.

Tip for preliminary interview
Tips for Preliminary Interview

To begin with, you should not approach a preliminary interview with complacency. When preparing for a preliminary interview, remind yourself that it is your first step towards getting your dream job. Ensure you do not take it too lightly and prepare for it like you would for a formal interview.

When it comes to preparing well for an interview, research about the company is the first step. Ensure that you gather enough information about the company’s ethics and vision. If you know someone already working in the company, it will come in handy to chat with them about the company.

Another helpful preparation tip for preliminary interviews is to rehearse the answers to the most commonly asked questions. To portray a confident and professional image, you need to make sure that you are well-prepared with all your answers. Questions about your professional goals and aspirations are some of the most common ones you should consider preparing for.

Employers usually see the preliminary interviews as a screening process to cut the clutter and eliminate candidates they do not rate. As a candidate, you should not only see a preliminary interview as an opportunity to make it to the shortlist. Instead, try to stand out among other candidates from the beginning by showing your professionalism and enthusiasm.

Stay Professional All the Way Through

A hotel receptionist
Be professional

Remember to send a thank you letter to the employer even after the preliminary interview to show your professionalism.

Candidates often commit the mistake of taking the first interviews too casually. Furthermore, it is always handy to show a touch of class to impress the employers, and a thank you letter is a good way of doing so.

Dressing up for a preliminary interview in a professional manner is extremely vital. Remember, a preliminary interview is the absolute first impression the employers get of you. And before you even say a word or showcase your accomplishments, it is your attire that allows you to make a lasting first impression.

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When describing your accomplishments during a preliminary interview, try to be concise and give examples instead of using vague industry jargon. A short example of how you managed a crisis at your previous job proves to be way more helpful than the pointers on your resume.

In a nutshell, a preliminary interview requires you to be your best professional self. Starting from the research right down to the thank you letter, you have to be nothing but impeccable in your behavior and strictly formal in how you converse and carry yourself.

Take Your A-Game to Preliminary Interviews

A professional adjusting his tie.
Put your best foot forward

Many consider a preliminary interview to be an easy step to the next stage. But a preliminary interview requires the same preparation as a formal interview. During a preliminary interview, the employer is looking for candidates to reject. And you have to make sure that you do not make it to the wrong list!

Hence, candidates need to approach a preliminary interview with the same dedication as a formal interview. Ensure you do not lag when it comes to researching about the company and the job requirements. Try to understand the company’s ethos and what they stand for.

Also, make sure that you are well-versed in the tasks the job profile expects you to fulfill. A company is always looking for employees willing to perform various functions with dedication.

So, make sure you portray yourself as a team player from the beginning to make a lasting impression.

Keep Learning About Interview Questions and Methods

Interview questions
Prepare well for all the questions you know

Apart from preparing well for interviews, it would be best to stay in touch with industry trends. Methods implemented by interviewers to understand a candidate’s personality have evolved.

Behavioral interview questions often arise in the initial stages of the recruitment process. As a candidate, you must know how to answer these questions. Make sure you are aware of these new tactics and respond to them with surety.

How would you answer a tricky behavioral question in your preliminary interview? Are you prepared to adapt to the questions and give clear and concise answers? Do not forget to ask yourself these questions while preparing for your preliminary interview.

Never Underestimate an Interview

In a nutshell, interviews are all about making a lasting impression. Candidates must prepare well to answer the basic questions. Confidence also plays a major role here.

Companies are always looking for candidates who can offer a unique perspective. Be ready to provide that uniqueness to stand out!

Have you got a preliminary interview scheduled soon? Please make sure you appreciate its importance and be your best professional self during the interview. Also, there is no fixed route to succeeding in an interview, and it is all about good preparation.

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So, leave no stone unturned when it comes to the preparation of an interview. Practice as much as you can and stay calm on the interview day to get the best out of yourself. Remember, being too excited or too casual can cost you that offer letter!

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