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What Is Team Spirit? How To Build A Strong Sense Of Team Spirit?

What Is Team Spirit? How To Build A Strong Sense Of Team Spirit? cover

Organization A has a roster filled with talented employees. They have a hard-working sales manager, the most innovative creative director, and a vibrant marketing head. Organization A’s growth chart shows all kinds of highs and lows.

Three employees arguing in an office set up
Organization A has no sense of team spirit, even with the best of talent.

A quarter of growth is followed by disappointment and underachievement in the next. Some say it is because the sales manager and the creative director are always in a dispute.

On the other hand, Organization B does not have the best in the business regarding qualification. Instead, the employees of Organization B work well together and cherish belonging to a team.

Three happy employees discussing work
Organization B is all about team spirit.

They help each other under pressure and leave no stone unturned to further the organization’s brand name. Organization B’s growth chart shows unparalleled growth and consistency in the industry.

The difference between Organization A and Organization B is apparent in the above example. Despite having a talented workforce, Organization A underachieves more often than not. On the other hand, Organization B sees better results with less qualified staff.

What is it that Organization B and Organization A lacks? YES! You read on book covers and usually hear team spirit in motivational speeches.

What Is Team Spirit?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, team spirit is:

“The willingness and desire to work together and support or help each other as part of a team.”

Now, how does working together and helping each other translate in the corporate world? After all, the corporate world is often known as a cruel one where every man is for himself. Well, that is not how successful corporations see it.

In the business world, team spirit is employees’ attitude that makes them better than just performing assets. It is the feeling of camaraderie among them. It translates to a group of people working with dedication to their organization’s success.

In the above example, the employees at Organization B are familiar with working together. Among them reigns a feeling of belonging to a team. They are satisfied only when the team does well and has each other’s backs during crises.

Organization B leaders have created a teamwork culture and fostered a sense of team spirit throughout the workforce. The essence of team spirit sets them apart from Organization A and gives them consistent growth.

What Are the Benefits of Team Spirit?

benefits of team spirit
Trust, Loyalty, Customer satisfaction, and personality amalgamation

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

This quote is by Henry Ford, one of the most admired business leaders the world has ever seen. The American Industrialist indicates the relationship between success and team spirit in a concise way. Let us see how teamwork leads to success in today’s business atmosphere.

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Team Spirit Helps Build Trust

When working as a team, members end up relying on one another. The team’s success depends upon every last one of them being dedicated to the team’s goals. This builds a sense of trust among them, which continues to grow with time.

Furthermore, trust allows colleagues to open up to one another and express themselves freely. Every member puts in their ideas, and the brainstorming sessions lead to fantastic business ideas.

There will always be disagreements, but a sense of team spirit makes everyone more considerate. Each member understands that the team’s goal matters the most, and they are willing to bury their differences of opinion to move forward.

Team Spirit Fosters Loyalty.

Every contribution is valued in a workforce where a sense of team spirit prevails. Leaders fully understand the importance of every last team member doing their job right. Acknowledging their contribution works wonders for the employee’s self-esteem and motivates her/him to work harder.

Employees gradually begin to see the company’s success as their own. This sense of belonging makes them feel important, and they become incredibly loyal to their company’s vision. As a business leader, there is nothing more rejoicing than a devoted workforce.

Positive Team Spirit = Satisfied Customers.

In any industry, customer service is a significant part of business operations. Nothing promotes a company as satisfied customers do. When your workforce works as a team, they are fully aware of their roles. They complement one another to give your customers a truly satisfying experience, which increases the company’s customer equity and loyalty, and sales at the end of the day.

Be it being available to tackle customers’ questions or resolve their issues. Teamwork turns a crisis into an opportunity for your company to prove how well they work together.

And when your customers are satisfied, they trust your brand, and your growth charts remain a sight to behold.

An Amalgamation of Different Personality Types.

A sense of team spirit brings a lot of different personality types together. The creative ones work with the quickest ones. The most hardworking ones work with those with excellent persuasion skills. This amalgamation of varying personality types makes a team that ticks all the boxes and is well-prepared to respond to every business situation.

However, such an effective merger is made possible only by business leaders who can foster a sense of team spirit throughout the organization.

The best business leaders always manage to fill their workforce with a sense of belonging. But how do they do that? Is it a gift, or can it be learned? Is there a sure-shot way to foster teamwork within your workforce? Let us find out.

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How to Build a Sense of Team Spirit in Your Organization?

Managing your employees’ concerns while catering to the team’s interests is no simple task. This duality often exposes the lack of experience in managers, leading to companies having a leadership vacuum and failing to complete massive projects. But some ways can help you run a cohesive team driven by a sense of team spirit.

Lead the team with care and patience.

Manager helping employee
Reach out to your employees and let them express their concerns

Being a leader, it is your responsibility to reach out to every last member of the team. Remember, it is the leader who brings everyone together and executes the teamwork talked about in meetings.

Hence, managers should never shy away from interacting with their team members to build a relationship commanded by mutual respect and trust. For the team to work for and respect you, they must be respected and trusted first.

Most teams fall apart when a conflict arises. The crises often bring the blame game with them and lead to the falling apart of teams. To avoid such situations, managers must make ground rules beforehand. To whom does every member of the team report? Who is to make the final call in case of a disagreement? If the team spirit remains intact, these questions must be discussed and answered beforehand.

Make them grow together in the workplace.

Team spirit shown in a workplace
The essence of team spirit

Team meetings and brainstorming sessions are great places to foster a sense of team spirit. Ensure that no members feel left out or are reluctant to put forth their ideas.

Maintaining an atmosphere of healthy discussion and mutual respect helps managers get the team members to share their best ideas. Even if somebody comes up with a bad idea, shooting it out will make them return to the shell they worked hard to escape. When every member begins to think about the team, success is only a matter of time.

Try to bring the team together outside of the workplace. Invite your employees over for lunch or throw a success party. Get to know your team members outside of the professional setting. This will further build a sense of team spirit among team members and lead to better productivity and results in the long run.

As a leader, you need to be fair. Favoritism among your employees is like suicide for the team. Remember the ground rules mentioned above? Stick to them and ensure that no team members harbor resentment against you or among themselves.

It Is All About Patience

woman colleague doing yoga with other employees
Be patient with your employees.

In the beginning, making your employees understand team spirit’s importance might seem incredibly hard. They might be too concerned about individual goals, or resentment might be among them.

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The key is to be patient and give them all the trust and respect they need. Remember, you can’t force a team to work together. Once you’ve selected a team, the members require time to be able to understand one another. Only a patient leader can bring the best out of a group of individuals with distinct personality types.

If you want your company to grow like Organization B in our example, be patient and build relationships with your members based on trust. In time, you will see the team growing together under your leadership.

Lastly, communication is the key when you’re managing a team. Be available and all ears for the grievances of your team members. If your employees truly believe that their manager cares for them, they will leave no stone unturned to realize team goals.

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