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Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path?

Telecommunications engineer.

Yes, telecommunication equipment is a good career path. According to an Acumen report, the Telecom Equipment market will reach a whopping US$ 967.9 bn by the year 2030. But what it means in terms of growth? In the year 2021, the market was at US$ 538 bn. So, the growth rate sits handsomely at 6.9% between 2022 and 2030. So, is telecommunications equipment a good career path? Here we tell you the detail and the reasons it is.

If we look at the statistics we have started with, the answer is a resounding yes. But there’s more to a career than just numbers, right?

Yes, we agree with you more than a hundred percent. This article will take a closer look at all aspects of working in this industry. After all, when it comes to your career, you must make a well-informed decision.

Hopefully, what we have compiled here will help you make a confident decision. So, let’s find out whether or not it’s an excellent choice to look for the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

What Is the Telecommunications Equipment Industry?

As the name suggests, the telecommunications equipment industry creates hardware such as devices that keep the telecom world going. These devices can be routers and modems, smartphones, etc. While other equipment also includes telecom towers, fiber-optic cables, and switches.

The industry is witnessing constant growth over the years and the trend will most likely continue. It is also a highly-competitive industry that has huge companies providing telephone, cable, and data services.

As a result, there are jobs for people possessing a wide variety of skill sets. For instance, there are opportunities for engineers, data scientists, managers, analysts, and so on. Naturally, some of these roles are incredibly high-paying as well.

This is so because almost every organization today uses telecom. From Cybersecurity Firms and Hospitals to Internet Service Providers, Television & Cable, there is no end to how the industry is today!

Why Choose a Career in Telecommunications Equipment?

Reasons to choose a telecommunications career path.
The reasons why you should choose a career in telecommunications.

Job security is among the best reasons to choose a career in the industry. After all, the telecom industry will only go up in terms of demand. After all, can we imagine a world without smartphones and the internet?

So, now that you know what exactly the industry is, let us look at the reasons why one would want a career in the industry.

1. Job Security

This is one point that we can stress enough. After all, job security is what every professional looks for in their career. So, working in an industry that will only go up in demand is a big plus for anyone.

That’s why so many people are hunting for jobs in the industry. So, if you believe you have the skills, working in telecom equipment is a great career path. The last thing you need to worry about will be getting out of work because of a lack of demand.

So, you might want to say yes to the question — is telecommunications equipment a good career path?

2. Room for Career Growth

Climbing up the corporate ladder is something most professionals strive for. Luckily, this is an industry that allows ample room for you to do so. After all, working in telecommunications equipment involves working with smartphones and the internet.

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And it only takes a thought to understand how vital these things are for our world. So, there will never be a shortage of jobs in the industry.

If you are willing to get a degree in a related field and work hard, there are ample opportunities.

So, even if you start with an entry-level job, there is a lot of opportunity to grow in the industry.

3. Technology Revolution

This is an industry that is the most updated with what’s new. Be it in terms of smartphones or operating systems; you will always stay updated. As a result, you will always be in the know when working with telecommunications equipment.

You will be the first one to know all about what’s new. So, you can constantly upskill and increase your worth as a professional. Eventually, you can apply for better jobs with higher pay.

After all, this is a dynamic industry that is constantly changing. It is always better to keep upgrading your skill set.

4. Variety of Sectors

One thing about this industry is that you can switch sectors quite easily. After all, you can start with manufacturing and move on to sales within the industry. If you have a technical hand, you can also work in installation.

In a nutshell, this is not an industry that requires you to have certain skills to start. With entry-level jobs, you can begin slowly and learn on the job to upgrade your career in various ways.

So, now that you know the many reasons why a career in the industry is worth it, let’s take a look at the qualifications to start in the industry.

Education & Certifications Needed for a Career in Telecommunications Equipment

Are you convinced of a career in this industry? If you are, you must wonder how you can get into it, right? As you must know by now, this industry has a diverse set of jobs. Some require the candidate to have advanced degrees, while some don’t.

Before you answer, is telecommunications equipment a good career path? Read on.

So, here are some simple steps to get into this vast industry:

1. High School or GED

Even for entry-level jobs here, this is a base requirement. So, the first step for getting into this industry is to get either of these. Once you enter the industry, you can always work hard and climb up the hierarchy.

2. Learning On-the-job

Some aspects of a telecom equipment job can’t be taught in theory. So, there are things you can only learn while working. This is another great thing about a career in the industry.

All you need to do is get an entry-level job and focus on learning the trade well. This way, you will gradually increase your worth and earn a lucrative salary in a few years.

3. Technology Certifications

Especially in Electronics, tech certifications can help you advance in the industry. After all, this is an industry with lots of jobs like antenna engineering. And this is only one example among many similar vacancies.

So, it would serve you well to get an additional certification to add to your qualifications!

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4. Masters & Doctorate Degrees

These advanced degrees will surely get you the highest-paying jobs in the industry. People with such degrees work as decision-makers in the telecom industry. You will find them in roles such as that Data Architects and Executive positions.

So, looking for a Master’s or Doctorate in a related field is a great idea! Especially if you are someone who wants to reach the very top of telecom equipment.

Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment: From Entry-Level to High Paying

1. Telecommunications Manager

A Telecom Manager is tasked with devising, building, and configuring equipment. Their job also involves overseeing networks and systems that help the industry work smoothly. Budgeting the devices and equipment is also part of their job.

For this role, a candidate requires good analytical and leadership skills. After all, it involves ensuring that a telecom project will provide a good return on investment. This job also requires the candidate to work with several teams.

As a result, they should also possess good communication skills. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the industry, with an average annual salary of $129,000.

2. Data Scientist

The data science field is all set to explode with time. The number of opportunities in this role is beyond amazing. Luckily for us, it is part of the vast telecommunications equipment industry.

So, if you are someone who loves computers and data, this is the role for you. Of course, this job needs you to be proficient with analysis. It requires you to analyze large amounts of data and arrive at conclusions that will benefit the company.

Good mathematical prowess and programming knowledge are also vital to build a career in the industry. Added to that, this is among the highest-paying jobs in the industry, with an average annual salary of $100,673.

Naturally, it is a job that you would want to say yes to!

3. Broadband Engineer

Broadband internet has become a household phenomenon today. As a result, good broadband engineers are highly in demand. Their job role is to build and troubleshoot high-speed data and telephone systems.

Finding and repairing problems in hardware systems is also part of their job. They also need customer service skills to deal with issues and resolve them. Naturally, every household needs a good broadband engineer to ensure a strong and constant internet connection.

Relevant technical skills are a must-have for this job. Analytical skills and attention to detail are also necessary to identify and troubleshoot problems. This is also a role that needs one to have good communication skills to excel.

In terms of pay, it is among the well-paying jobs in the industry, with an average annual salary of $89,985.The salary here will differ on factors such as years of experience, qualification, etc.

4. Cable Installer

This one is among the entry-level jobs in the industry. It involves ensuring that the cable or the internet at a workplace or home works fine. As streaming services are becoming more and more common, so is the role of a cable installer.

As a result, the demand is always high. One good thing about the role is that you don’t need advanced degrees such as a master's. You can learn on the job and grow in terms of both salary and value.

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In today’s thriving digital world, this job pays a lot more than it used to. In this role, a candidate can earn up to $57,899 every year. For an entry-level position, the pay is excellent and allows for much room for growth if you are experienced enough.

5. Tower Technician

Another entry-level job with impressive, you can get this role quite easily. This job doesn’t need you to have anything more than a high school. But it requires you to pass some drug screening and be unafraid of heights.

After all, working on towers will require a candidate to be strong and have a level head. Apart from that, this role requires you to be adept at installing and maintaining towers.

This is another job that allows you to learn while you work. So, you can start with just physical prowess and understand the technical aspect of the job. For an entry-level position, the pay for this role is quite impressive.

You can earn up to $45,000 every year in the role of a tower technician. As you grow in experience, the salary will go well beyond that. This makes it an excellent way to enter the industry for a fresher.

In Conclusion

The telecom industry is nowhere near going down. The demand is increasing, and so are the jobs available in the industry. So, we can confidently say yes to the question, “is telecommunications equipment a good career path?”

Add to that the fact there is a wide variety of jobs to be had in the industry. You can start at the entry-level and climb the ladder. At the same time, if you have the qualifications, you can begin with a high-paying job and further increase your salary.

In a nutshell, this is an industry that allows for lots of opportunities and career growth. So, if you have the skills, it is time to prepare the perfect resume and a solid cover letter.

Once you’re done, you can start by applying for jobs. We hope this article helped ensure that you can make a firm decision.

We wish you all the best in your job hunting! Here’s to hoping you end up with a lucrative job in telecommunications equipment.

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