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Media Specialist

Media Specialist
The Media Specialist is a role that takes care of managing and executing all types of media campaigns. In some cases, the title is confused with a position related to...

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Project Manager presenting a project
An Assistant Project Manager is a professional who checks all the project work being done, tracking the completion and deliverability of the projects. They usually work with the Project Manager,...

Media Buyer

Media Buyer
Media buyers are professionals who control the media buying process after the media planning team sends their marketing needs. They are in charge of the ad space purchase, which consists...

Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant
A Social Media Assistant is a professional who creates social media calendars for various platforms and schedules all the posts. Their goal is to increase the reach and engagement within...

Sales Engineer

A group of Sales Engineer in a meeting
A sales engineer is a sales professional who concentrates on knowing all the technical aspects of a technical product and presenting them to potential clients. Let's get into details about...

Project Analyst

A Project Analyst resenting charts on the laptop
Projects are challenging, complex, and frequently have many different pieces that need to be integrated. That’s why project dedicated people roles are necessary, so the company teams align efforts to...

Lead Developer

A Lead Developer presenting his code in a computer
Lead Developer is an essential role in the competitive code development industry. They are in charge of managing front-end, back-end, full-stack, or software development teams. Let's dive deep into the...

Inside Sales Manager

inside sales manager leading his team
An Inside Sales Manager is a professional who takes care of sales of products and services remotely. They usually work with business-to-business products, but not limited to it. They are...

Associate Project Manager

associate project manager
An Associate Project Manager is a professional who supports the various projects of the company. They usually work with the Project Manager, who leads teams to accomplish project tasks, timelines,...

Visual Designer

A visual designer is a vital position for a company’s internet presence. She is responsible for creating visually appealing designs for the company’s website. Today’s internet marketing space is competitive,...