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April Six makes moments that matter for the brands that shape the future. They meet the unique marketing and communications requirements of brands in Mobility, Technology and Science through our deep, specialist knowledge of these core industries.

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April Six’s unique approach is based on truly deep sector knowledge, within one of three industries: Mobilitym Technology and Science. By fusing data, technology, and human understanding, we build people-led creative experiences to deliver moments that sell in the now, and create tomorrow’s customer.


Our science industry specialists bring research to life, share the moments of innovation, and disseminate the truth.


From the enterprises to SMB, tech businesses are finding fewer opportunities to connect with tech buyers—which is why the moments we create for established and emerging brands matter more than ever.


The mobility sector is changing fast—with new technologies and brands emerging, and with them new and exciting ways of working.



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april6 Case Studies

Achieving cloud-gen zen

Prior to its acquisition by Broadcom in 2019, this pioneer in global cybersecurity helped thousands of enterprise organizations, governments, and more than 50 million users secure their critical data. The Symantec team worked closely with the technology specialists at April Six to transform the company’s buyer-consideration process and drive deeper prospect engagement. Utilizing a mix of dynamic experiences and branded content, we switched the focus from traditional, product-centric marketing to solution-level storytelling that highlighted the advantages of Symantec’s fully integrated (and unified) cyber defense in compelling, relevant ways.

The challenge-based digital assets leveraged the brand’s respected, industry-leading expertise and its proven portfolio of integrated cyber-defense solutions. By tying those solutions to meaningful challenges faced by modern companies, we were able to engage customers and prospects with greater depth and specificity.


In addition to surpassing its targeted 10% benchmark with a 62% account lift, the successful campaign achieved 42M global digital impressions, 7,000+ microsite page views, and 221 targeted account inquiries.

Speaking powerfully to professional services

Intapp serves many of the world’s top legal, accounting, consulting, private equity, and investment banking firms with its connected firm-management solutions. After nearly two decades as the market leader, the company was seeking to amplify its global brand and broaden its reach to engage with new audiences. Taking a holistic approach, the Intapp team worked closely with April Six to refine its market positioning and brand strategy, and refresh its visual identity. The goal was a new POV and look-and-feel that would demonstrate Intapp’s focus on empowering client innovation.

This wasn’t merely about delivering more leads. (Intapp had leads.) What the business required was better leads from a select number of targeted accounts. With that in mind, April Six developed an account-first framework focused on activating a pre-selected audience of high-value prospects. Utilizing advanced digital and predictive technologies, the program was built from the ground up to improve the deal size, close rates, and funnel velocity.


871 guaranteed leads, millions in pipeline potential

Warming hearts with winter checks

Eurorepar Car Service is a network of franchised garages throughout the UK. This past winter, they offered a free 23-point Winter Check to help drivers stay safe on the road while encouraging potential customers to visit their nearest center and establish a relationship with their local garage.

We devised a Penguin character – Percy and built a 3D winter wonderland for him to navigate in animation to deliver the important messages about braking, steering, and keeping fluids topped up over winter.

The 2-month campaign was geo-targeted through Facebook, with the video served to potential customers within a 28km radius of each Eurorepar Car Service center.

A competition to win a family skating experience followed by winning a toy penguin for Christmas was used to keep the campaign fresh.


31% campaign delivered an
uplift in page likes

PSA Aftersales Films

PSA wanted to enhance their customers’ understanding of the importance of carrying out maintenance work on their vehicles. Not only that, but they wanted to communicate why the PSA brands themselves should be the ones to carry out the key work.

For Peugeot, Citroën and Vauxhall, we created a series of twelve animations for each brand, with each video focusing on a single type of vehicle service. These ranged from things like tyre and wiper checks to getting your annual MOT done or popping in for a winter check.

Through the use of engaging animations, we then told the story of what needs to be done, what can happen if you don’t get it done, and why Peugeot, Citroën and Vauxhall know their customers’ cars better than anyone else – and should therefore be the ones to carry out the work.

The series of videos featured on the brand websites, national communications and on in-dealership screens.

The Great Deal Party

It’s June 2019. With Brexit talks still raging, businesses and consumers alike are clueless to where we will be politically and economically within the next few months. So how do you give consumers the confidence to make the second biggest purchase decision in their life? In a climate of uncertainty, fear and blame, and a cacophony of divisive political rhetoric, people look for someone, or something they can trust and believe in. Enter the newly formed ‘Great Deal Party’ – a wholly-invented political party with one simple aim: to get the country through these uncertain times and deliver a great deal… on a new Audi.

Using the highly politicised language of the time, we built a message around a core truth – that Audi had over ordered cars to protect their supply chain in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and now that Brexit was delayed there was a surplus of cars and that meant Audi were offering some of their best ever deals. By using Brexit-deal themed language while being overtly straight talking about the reasons behind the deal, consumers were able to experience the truth about the truly impressive deals through print, posters, social, radio, and even a ‘Party political manifesto’ published in local papers – giving them the confidence and certainty that there was a ‘Great Deal’ to be done with Poole Audi.

Your Passion. Our Passion

To create a suite of predictive DM and email communications to communicate servicing messages to ŠKODA owners in a way that would align and build on their brand positioning ‘Driven by something different’. The campaign celebrates the passion that unites ŠKODA’s customers and ŠKODA’s service advisors and technicians.

The campaign thought resulted in a shoot to create images which divide down the middle to show that in the same way that ŠKODA customers pursue their passions in a wide range of hobbies like cycling, cooking and boxing – ŠKODA’s expertly qualified technicians pursue their passion in providing the best servicing and maintenance of customers’ vehicles, while service advisors deliver the best customer experience possible. ‘A special thank you…. I would personally like to thank Helen from our creative agency April Six, who alongside the creative team has worked tirelessly to get this campaign off the ground as well as Jack – April Six’s Creative Director whose vision was instrumental into bringing the spirit of ŠKODA Aftersales to life!’

Dessi Doncheva, Service and Parts Product Manager, ŠKODA

april6 Mission

We are part of MISSION – a collective of creative Agencies led by entrepreneurs who encourage an independent spirit. If we can continue to help brands thrive with some passion, some humility, some magic, and with plenty of hard work, we’ll feel like we’re doing the right thing.

1150 people. Working in 31 places.
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