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Strategy-driven and each-oriented, results-driven risk-takers agency, poised to channel your opportunities and overcome your challenges.

Asile Rocket Services

Using data, expertise, and technology, 22squared creates personalized and connected experiences that deliver transformative business outcomes. They provide clients integrated marketing solutions that can be scaled as their business grows.


With our combined offering—we’ll accelerate your online sales and increase brand loyalty.

Paid Media

Learnings revealed in one area can spark a breakthrough somewhere else. Regardless of channel, discipline or campaign, our teams remain


Our Creative Services combine design and storytelling to create customer experiences that inform, persuade, provoke — and most importantly, sell.


Using data, expertise, and technology, 22squared creates personalized and connected experiences that deliver transformative business outcomes.

Data & Analytics

Our data scientists work hand in hand with our media and creative teams to understand past performance and predict the future.



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626 W Jackson Blvd Suite 100 Chicago, IL 60661
866 787 9275

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Chicago, IL . Boston, MA . St. Joseph, MI . Tampa, FL

Asile Rocket Case Studies

New Subscriber Acquisition

Aisle Rocket grew Facebook media spend (within target acquisition cost) from $10k/month in month 1 to $500k/month in month 7.Noom asked Aisle Rocket to scale their paid Facebook advertising campaigns to new levels. They wanted to see month-over-month growth in volume, media spend and, of course, new paid subscriber acquisitions on the mobile app.

The mobile app itself is free to download, and subscriptions are subsequently purchased online. Therefore, the challenge was to determine whether Facebook would be a viable platform on which to drive scale in web conversions.What excites us most about the campaign to date is the quality user base, scalability and ROI we’ve seen out of Facebook. We really weren’t sure what type of results to expect and have been thrilled by all the users we’ve gained from Facebook. Further, it has been great to see these results across the world!—Artem Petakov, Co-Founder And PresidentThe initial approach was to find the most optimized process and cost for moving users through conversion funnels. Facebook was uniquely suited to achieve Noom’s goal in that it is the most effective way to both reach a huge, yet well-defined audience and accurately track funnel behavior.

In collaboration with Noom, Aisle Rocket created and tested a wide variety of copy and image variations, pinpointing an approach that both produced the most cost-effective click and attracted users who were likely to move down the funnel and convert.

As the campaign evolved, Aisle Rocket was able to integrate their analytics stack with Noom’s database and determine the target cost per paid membership.

Noom had also come to Aisle Rocket with a large email list that was used to build lookalike audiences to quickly level-set for cost targets, and then improve on them while rapidly scaling media spend. After scaling up the lookalike audiences and observing a growing overlap between customers, Aisle Rocket expanded to interest and behavior audiences, as well as third-party audiences provided by Oracle Data Corp.

Generating Interest and Ticket Sales

Restructured accounts to maximize spend and efficiency, using multiple bid strategies to optimize cost per lead and revenue generated.The Florida Aquarium’s paid search program was in a bit of disarray – a previous agency didn’t understand Google Grants requirements, so the account was flagged for non-compliance and deactivated. This left The Florida Aquarium without a strong source for free paid search advertising. Furthermore, on the paid account side of paid search, the account was not well-structured – it was heavy on unmodified broad match terms and wasn’t optimized for ticket sales or memberships.The Google Grants experts at Aisle Rocket immediately went into the Google Grants account to find what was in non-compliance, get it fixed and get the account reactivated. With that reactivated, they built a strategy for what made sense to run in the Google Grants account versus what made sense to run in an incremental paid account.As they aligned the accounts for what belonged where, the Aisle Rocket team also restructured it to optimize geographic targeting, keyword match types and negative keywords to improve efficiency. The team further segmented the campaigns into different areas of support for the Aquarium – individual ticket sales, event ticket sales, wedding sales and membership sales.

Return on Ad Spend

Optimized targeting & media mix drove higher ROAS for BBQGuys.BBQGuys, an online retailer for outdoor living, was looking to spend their marketing dollars more efficiently with a targeted and measurable marketing approach. In addition, they wanted to learn about their best customers and implement a strategy where they targeted the right people, at the right time, with the right message. BBQGuys needed to make sure that every marketing dollar could be tied to cost of sale and ROAS.Aisle Rocket provided insights on their best customers and developed a multichannel media plan that only targeted households with the highest propensity to buy. We utilized our first-party data expertise and technology to begin measuring their marketing effectiveness across all channels based on actual sales, not clicks or impressions.Once the campaign launched, we were able to quickly apply learnings to optimize audience, media combination and offers. We’ve continued to scale the audience and introduce additional addressable media tactics as we’ve achieved over an 800% incremental ROAS consistently.

Direct Mail

Aisle Rocket utilized customer data to develop a custom direct mail campaign program for multiple franchises.1-800-GOT-JUNK? had an aggressive growth plan and desired a marketing program that would help their franchise partners utilize the power of their data to refine their ongoing direct mail efforts.Aisle Rocket offered a direct mail program that would enable franchise partners to spend smarter on their direct mail campaigns. We worked closely with each franchise to analyze their customer data to create a target list of specific households that have the highest likelihood to book a job.This ongoing campaign provides each franchise with:
Turnkey targeted direct mail campaign
Access to a list of addresses mailed, current and matured results, system wide results, penetration heat map, updated customer segmentation ranking and more
Monthly reporting to measure spend, customers and ROI
Quarterly meetings to review campaign results

Prospect Modeling

Aisle Rocket implemented a people-based approach to identify and target their best customers.Versace needed to target people who are most likely to buy their products online and in-store. The brand also needed to measure online and in-store purchases generated from these data-driven marketing campaigns in order to make their budget go further through highly effective spending.Aisle Rocket delivered a 3,300 person increase in foot traffic and a 35% increase in in-store and online sales.
– Marti Crampshee, VP Marketing, Versace USAAisle Rocket analyzed the brand’s previous purchase data to understand their customers then used advanced analytics to build lookalike models to identify their best prospect audience.We applied a Lifetime Value Amount to the lookalike models that was connected to offers that generated a higher average basket size.
To understand the shopping behavior of best non-customer and customer targets, we geo-fenced Versace’s locations and competitor locations, and executed display ads.

Through this people-based approach, Versace learned that people who viewed their online ads went to a store to make the purchase, and customers with higher net worth are much more receptive to direct mail than display ads.

Marketing Intelligence

Aisle Rocket used a people-based approach for digital media execution to drive significant growth in 2018 visitors and ticket revenue.The Shedd Aquarium adopted a new mission, vision and pricing structure. They sought to leverage a people-based approach to digital marketing to increase website visitation, paid attendance and off-peak demand with local consumers within their existing marketing budget.

They were seeking a partner well-versed in leveraging data to drive and measure acquisition. Focusing on multichannel addressable media was crucial, and their new partner needed to collaborate with other agency partners and internal teams to execute.Looking nature in the eye is a first step to building compassion for wildlife. Aisle Rocket’s advanced intelligence tools will allow us to reach the right people to promote our vision of a world thriving with aquatic life sustained by people who love, understand and protect it.
– Meghan Curran, SVP of Marketing, Sales and Guest ExperienceShedd Aquarium leveraged Aisle Rocket’s Marketing Intelligence Platform to process relevant first-party data and power all digital marketing efforts. Using data as the foundation, we worked hand-in-hand to improve online visit planning and ticket purchases, as well as increase awareness and purchase consideration in strategic, people-based audiences ranging from local residents to international travelers visiting Chicago.Aisle Rocket ingested three years of revenue and attendance data to construct a best visitor profile. The analysis was used to reveal the sequence of visitation by category and region. This information allowed Aisle Rocket to predict when and where audiences would most likely purchase and execute hyper-personalized creative across digital channels to enhance the visitor journey. Measurement across all digital channels occurs at the transactional level. A robust test and learn strategy continuously provides insights and allows for enhancements.

Asile Rocket Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.