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Designory is a global, award-winning, full-service agency of marketers who are positively obsessed with connecting brands with the right customers across a rich and varied landscape of media.

Designory Services

Designory is a marketing agency with expertise across the content creation spectrum including digital, print, and video. We are a team of hungry and grounded, yet personally confident product marketers, content creators, and digital experts with a genuine and unwavering passion for our craft.


Digital, Social & Campaign Analytics
Dashboard Development, Optimization


Search Optimization
Paid Search.


Social Media Strategy
Community Management Campaigns
Social Media Listening & Metrics


Dealer & Sales Apps
Floor Stands
In-Store Videos & Digital Walls


Front-end and Back-end Development
App Development
Content Management Systems
Emerging Platforms


Strategic Discovery
UX & Information Architecture
Personas & Customer Journeys
Creative Design


Content Strategy
Content Ideation/Creation
Content Asset Management & Distribution
Concepting Production (CGI, Photography, Video)


Digital Planning & Roadmaps
Innovation Workshops
User Research
Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking


Cross-Channel Campaigns
Online Advertising
Print, Digital, Video, Email



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Designory Case Studies

The Peninsula Experience

The Peninsula Hotels group operates prestigious properties in major cities around the world and is known for setting the highest standards in delighting guests with luxurious comfort and impeccable service.

CHALLENGE. Peninsula Hotels—impressed by Designory’s leadership in interactive apps for clients such as Subaru and Infiniti—approached the agency to help overhaul their global brochure program. The brand wanted to be more environmentally friendly and offer guests a more engaging experience by moving away from print and toward digital.

SOLVE. To reimagine the client's brochure program, the Designory team began with in-depth property visits that helped us gain a deep understanding of The Peninsula Hotels’ experience. They translated their learnings into one goal: taking guests on an engaging journey through each hotel’s rooms and suites, inspired dining experiences, and luxurious services through a new, fully immersive branded app. They used descriptive and inspiring stories, aspirational imagery, and an intuitive content flow to capture both the guests’ imagination as well as the company’s elegant and glamorous style.

RESULT. Designory team successfully helped The Peninsula Hotels create an immersive app that showcased their portfolio of hotels, successfully told The Peninsula Hotels’ story in an engaging and targeted way, and transformed their print brochure into a more relevant, digital experience. It has also been a particularly valuable tool for the company’s sales group and its partnerships with high-end travel agents and event planners. In the future, we plan to extend the program with immersive experiences for individual hotels so to reflect each location’s unique culture and character.

Audi Magazine

Audi is one of the world's hottest, luxury automotive companies and Audi Magazine is its premium communication that reflects the brand’s luxury status.

CHALLENGE. Audi approached Designory to curate a better magazine experience in an effort to build long-lasting relationships with its customers, and further the brand’s pursuit to become the #1 luxury automotive company in the U.S. But creating brand advocates, who want to be part of the Audi family for life, would require providing new and current owners with relevant and exciting content.

SOLVE. Designory team’s answer was to give Audi Magazine a more powerful narrative and dynamic design—making it a memorable enthusiast piece that speaks to the level of commitment Audi has for its owners and fans alike. Using their knowledge and expertise of the automotive industry and the brand, they did just that. Each edition of this brand-defining publication focuses on a new theme with related stories about Audi and their newest vehicles, latest innovations and other lifestyle topics of interest.

RESULT. Besides being an award-winning communication piece, the magazine also created the seamless integration between print and digital with the launch of tablet and desktop versions, adding more subscribers than ever before. lt also successfully skewed high awareness (61%+) and high value (50%) among owners, and was the third highest ranked (out of 10) most memorable communication in an annual all-agency marketing and communications study.

Digital Global Agency of Record for HP

HP Inc. is a global technology company offering innovations intended to make life better for everyone, everywhere.

CHALLENGE. Designory has been a Digital Global Agency of Record for HP Inc. since the HP-Compaq merger in 2002, and our relationship goes all the way back to helping Compaq launch their initial websites in the mid-90s. In recent years, we’ve tackled a wide range of projects for HP Inc., including everything from conversion optimization and redesigns to new initiatives and social media campaign integrations. The challenge with a decades-long relationship like this one is ensuring that we continue to evolve with HP and come through for them, again and again.

SOLVE. Designory uses a multifaceted approach to stay ahead of our client’s needs and to exceed their expectations. First, they ensure that we are a reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable partner for HP’s a consumer and business units. Second, they provide seamless communications between ourselves, multiple HP stakeholders, and other agency partners. Third, they provide premium services on both a worldwide and regional level that support the company’s global needs.

RESULT. As HP Inc.’s Digital Global Agency of Record for over 15 years, we’ve created a level of cohesion for the brand and have become their go-to experts for key initiatives. And because we have a deep understanding of our client’s business, we’re able to bring everything together, leverage the right resources, pinpoint any gaps, and ensure the job is done accurately and efficiently—ultimately providing a consistent, on-brand product, no matter the ask or the reach.

Global Product Strategy & Content Agency

Infiniti is a premium automotive company, offering high-performance luxury vehicles built with daring designs, powerful engines, and empowering technology.

CHALLENGE. Designory was selected to help Infiniti transform the look and feel of its previous content. The client also needed a partner that could help continuously create a robust, on-brand selection of images and videos to support their regional marketing efforts.

SOLVE. Designory team exclusively developed a high-level concept that focused on the more real, yet intriguing, experiences that Infiniti’s innovations and technology delivered to drivers. They created print and video assets using unique narratives for each vehicle. With stylistic elements—inspired by the allure of fashion runways—such as lens flares and shallow depth-of-field, these assets successfully evoke a desire to see more. But they didn't stop there. Currently, we manage the strategy and creation of these assets, which also include product details and technology demonstrations, then they prepare them for distribution to over 50 markets worldwide.

RESULT. Designory team efforts delivered a consumer engagement average of 26 minutes for Infiniti’s digital brochures and converted 10-15% of the audience to site visits for a deeper shopping experience. Additionally, we changed the way Infiniti communicates globally by continually creating and delivering uniquely emotional, vibrant, and consistent imagery across all of its markets and channels.

Digital Agency for Regal Entertainment Group

Regal is a premier movie theatre chain that’s dedicated to entertaining audiences across the U.S.

CHALLENGE. Regal Cinemas was experiencing low website conversions. Simply put, site visitors were not generating satisfactory ticket sales. In addition, customers were experiencing slow performance during periods of high site traffic—making it difficult to quickly find what they were after and/or make a purchase.

SOLVE. Designory team knew the first step was to rework the site, optimizing its performance. So we put our team of developers in action, and they were able to ensure the site was faster and more reliable. Then they improved the user experience by creating a more clear and intuitive path using a robust visual design and logical content flow.

RESULT. Not only did we improve both site satisfaction and navigation while effectively demonstrating the full extent of the Regal Cinemas experience, but our efforts also increased conversions by 247%.

Digital Agency of Record for Case IH

Case IH is a leading agricultural equipment, solutions, and services company. As a brand, they’re always looking to reinforce their role as an innovative expert in the business of agriculture.

CHALLENGE. Designory was selected to help Case IH create more engagement, extend loyalty and build advocacy with the next generation of farmers and livestock producers throughout a variety of digital channels.

SOLVE. Designory team knew that the key to addressing this challenge was to do some serious digging. We established who Case IH was and the role digital communications play in the business of farming. With that knowledge, they delivered a new, more unified digital presence along with a range of additional initiatives, from a robust social media program to a product-selector tool—helping solidify Case IH as a true innovator in digital, just as they are in agriculture.

RESULT. Case IH now has a more cohesive brand message across multiple digital channels, resulting in increased customer engagement, loyalty, and leads. Plus, we’ve helped optimize their digital efforts through a custom analytics portal, which allows them to know which digital content is resonating with customers. Lastly, Case IH was able to successfully capture the imagination and loyalty of agriculture’s next generation.

Designory Mission

At Designory, we believe great things happen with the right people. That’s why our culture thrives on finding and cultivating talented people who are passionate about what they do, connect the dots that others don’t, and simply love to dig deeper. If that sounds like you, then check out our current openings.