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What is Hearts & Science?

Hearts & Science is a marketing agency that uses data to help brands build personalized relationships with consumers on a large scale, using sophisticated data platforms that reach consumers with the right message at the right time.

Hearts & Science Marketing Agency’s Services

Hearts And Science support reaction to consumers in real-time with insights from their data platform. They do not measure campaigns using CPM. They focus on the consumers who want to buy client's products by creating targeted content.

Great Targeted Content

Content Marketing, Sports Marketing, Direct Response & CRM.

Paid Internet Services

Media Buying & Investment, Paid Search, Paid SEM, Paid Social & Mobile.

Analysis and Strategy: Proprietary Data Platform

Data & Analytics, Data Modeling, Data Science, Media Planning, Marketing Science, Multicultural & Total, Market Planning, Strategic Consulting.


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Hearts & Science – Marketing Campaign 2020 Case Study

AT&T Business - Foundations for 5G

5G networks can shift paradigms for industries and accelerate the consumer experience into the future. That means upgrading your IT infrastructure to be able to handle the massive amounts of data, new technical tools, and security threats that 5G can bring. AT&T Business can help businesses upgrade their existing IT systems and move to 5G in the future.

To better understand 5G and quickly consider AT&T's business, they needed to provide real-world examples of how 5G could have a positive impact on their business. The idea was to partner with The Washington Post to share posts in a new content format. They launched four STAMP stories in total.


- Their STAMP content generated 4.6M+ views (4.3M in the app and 284K on desktop/mobile).
- 82% of respondents found that "STAMP provides information about 5G for Business and AT&T Business that they didn't know about before."
- Increased AT&T Business' consideration on 5G by 6%.

Marketing Agency's Mission

Hearts & Science Mission

Hearts & Science is the solution to the most significant challenges facing our marketing as a whole, from measurement, brand safety to mobile success.


“We take our partners' data and figure out how to market to and acquire their customers, or prospects that look like their customers...
Hearts & Science's Mar Tech Integrator Group helps because it can provide very focused and specific insights and strategies rather than general trends”

Stacy Conn
Managing director of marketing at Barclays U.S. Consumer Bank

"From toys to tech, special gifts, decorations, Christmas day preparations, and more, our new campaign not only demonstrates the range of products available on Catch but also demonstrates the passion everyday Australians have for Christmas and how they can find anything they want and everything they need for Christmas at Catch.com.au,"

Ryan Gracie
Catch Chief Marketing Office

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