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projekt202 is the leader in experience-driven software strategy, design, and development. We have a unique and established methodology for understanding people in context — we reveal unmet needs — which drives everything we do.

Projekt202 Services

We help businesses and their customers create real value by delivering great experiences. We bring our expertise in human and business insights, design, and development to your challenges so that you’ll succeed — because together we can create experiences that matter.

Program Management

How we work is just as important as the work we perform. Our Program Managers are invested in creating collaborative partnerships to help clients move their projects from insight to implementation effectively.

Experience Design

The strength of your product hinges on the strength of its user experience. Users now expect memorable, personalized experiences from the companies they trust.


A rapidly changing world requires software solutions that readily adapt and scale. Our designers and developers build dynamic software experiences that evolve to meet emerging challenges.

Training & Adoption

Employee development is the key ingredient in increasing the effectiveness of organizational talent. Companies of all sizes can benefit from on-the-job learning, coaching, and formal training to level up the potential of their teams.

Brand & Marketing

We look at your brand experience as who you want to be. When combined with our customer insights, we can identify the gaps and opportunities between who you want to be and who your customers think you are.



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Projekt202 Case Studies

Converting skeptical Tesla buyers with a spark of excitement

Selling an entirely new piece of technology isn’t easy, especially when one of the barriers involves people simply understanding it. Tesla already developed its showroom experience to help consumers overcome the five main objections to purchasing an all-electric car. But not everyone could access a showroom, so Tesla asked projekt202 to help bring that experience to life in the living room.

The GoElectric experience addressed the five primary questions Tesla encountered from interested but skeptical consumers, beginning with, “How far can I go?” To answer each question and engage customers in the virtual environment, first, we visually grounded the experience in the object of desire — a beautiful sports car. Then through interactive features, visual storytelling, and occasional humor, we carefully introduced key concepts that address each consumer question, leading the customer to a set of controls that allowed them to explore the technology

The Results:

Showroom experience, at home

By easing customers into the experience and letting them play with interactive tools to both enlighten and excite, we easily converted reservations about a Tesla purchase into reservations for purchase — all in a format easily viewable on an iPad from the comfort of the living room.

Creating the next generation of parking convenience

Even though InterPark is the largest owner of parking facilities in the United States, its digital presence was very small. Thousands of customers were parking in their lots each month but were turning to third-party parking apps to get the touchless pay, scan-and-go convenience they wanted. And InterPark was paying a 20% commission fee on every single ticket paid via an aggregator app. They had to stop the bleed. projekt202 helped InterPark develop their own fully digital parking payment solution so they could retain that 20% margin and increase customer convenience.

Using the latest in hardware integration and QR code technology, we built a digital ecosystem of products that provide a seamless, feature-rich experience for the frequent parker.

With iParkit, a native iPhone app and companion browser-based web app, users can search for parking spaces by location, landmark, or date and time. Easy pre-pay options and scannable barcode entry and exit offer new flexibility to busy users who expect convenience to be embedded into their everyday experiences.

The Result:

Setting the bar for convenient parking experiences

app store rating

profit increase per mobile ticket

Deeper customer understanding delivers big business returns

This consumer tax-preparation service was out of touch with its customers. The company’s product offerings were based on gut instinct borne of longtime industry knowledge and business decisions followed the whims of the tax code. Instead of using customer goals and behaviors as their guideposts, they continually shifted direction, putting additional strain on their already understaffed UX and development teams.

The company knew they needed to be guided by deep customer empathy, but they also needed to understand how that would impact business and technology decisions that would in turn feed design and development to improve overall economic growth.

To help the company understand what consumers needed from its service, we conducted interviews with actual customers to build a complete picture of what they go through to file taxes. We used these insights to identify the organization’s key challenges and opportunities.

Informed by our research, we created a cohesive branded design system and reusable component library to allow the company’s UX and development teams to work with greater speed and efficiency.

The Result:

Focused strategy for big business gains

point conversion rate increase

point Net Promoter Score

Developing a fresh brand for an established player in menswear

Outfitting a wedding party is time-consuming and stressful. While there’s a bustling and constantly evolving industry around bridal party attire, very little has been done to improve the experience for men. From measurements to delivery, the tuxedo rental process was clunky and cumbersome.

Synthesizing George’s vision with deep consumer and secondary research we used our Brand Experience Strategy approach to develop a brand story and personality for the new company, including the tenets that would shape the entire brand experience. George demanded nothing less than the ideal experience at every point, which means we were able to shape the entire business around the customer.

Our primary qualitative research, conducted with newly married couples, wedding planners, and engaged couples demonstrated the complexities and the stakes involved in the fashion side of wedding planning

The Result:

The team designed a comprehensive wardrobe site that takes into consideration every detail from matching the wedding aesthetic to ensure a proper fit. The result is a stress-free experience that takes grooms and groomsmen smoothly from measurement to delivery.

Mission-critical flight ops meet the digital age

Navy F/A-18 fighter pilots need access to vital information, such as weather patterns, flight plans, and mission-critical data – easily quickly. Traditionally, they do this via a kneeboard – literally a stack of paper documents strapped to their legs. But this manual process poses many problems, from inefficient ergonomics to potentially outdated information. projekt202’s Big Nerd Ranch collaborated with military contractor SoarTech on a proof-of-concept that shows how the Navy can transform the physical kneeboard into a digital solution that not only lightens its physical and mental load but helps pilots facilitate decision-making via AI.

Piloting one of the most technologically advanced fighter jets in the world requires physical and mental agility. Pilots have to manage a significant amount of data, including flight paths, weather patterns, and mission-critical information, continually making vital decisions that could potentially impact their mission.

By conducting interviews with Navy fighter pilots, our design team better understood the unique operating environment of a jet cockpit and the constraints a pilot faces and incorporated. Our findings helped to inform low-fidelity prototype designs for an iOS kneeboard app, taking everything from sitting position, gravity, and viewability with night-vision goggles into account.

The Result:

A fully coded iOS training simulator for pilots to complete their tasks.

Banking on customer empathy for home mortgage

A large-cap banking institution well known for its credit card products was struggling with a severely underperforming channel. Its digital home mortgage property barely registered 1% utilization, largely due to a confusing process and lackluster UX. Instead of successfully completing applications for home loans, mortgage customers were either turning to already-overwhelmed call centers — or abandoning the process altogether

A user-friendly interface that aligns with the customer journey and meets their expectations dramatically increased channel utilization. In 10 months, we put insights to action by working closely with our client’s product, design, and development teams to redesign and relaunch a well-crafted digital tool that truly addressed homebuyers’ needs.

We assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts to conduct intensive contextual research into mortgage customer’s behaviors, needs, and expectations, revealing critical insights about the home buying journey. We used this qualitative data to identify gaps in the overall customer experience and surfaced 10 key opportunities to enhance customer engagement.

The Result:

Engaged customers. Dramatic traffic increase

channel utilization

Marketing Agency's Mission

Projekt202 Mission

At projekt202, we believe great customer experiences lead to powerful business results. We build holistic customer and business understanding from a wide breadth and depth of insights, put that understanding to work with an actionable strategy, and then deliver on that experience using multidisciplinary, collaborative teams to achieve business outcomes.