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What is Sid Lee ?

Sid Lee was founded in 1993 by two university graduates. It is now a creative community of 900 employees, all of whom are professionals in their field. More than 50 leaders lead Sid Lee’s marketing agency with a stake in the company, which gives them an added incentive. They use storytelling, design, and technology to create meaningful consumer experiences.

Sid Lee Services

One of the most multidisciplinary teams in our industry, so Sid Lee's marketing agency's services are quite extensive. They handle everything from design and branding to the details of end-user behavior modeling and data forecasting.


Sid Lee's team develops video and editorial content for brands in their studios.

Website Development

From planning to implementing comprehensive functionality on e-commerce platforms.


The latest marketing technology allows you to increase brand loyalty with more confidence.

Media Planning

They offer reliable media planning through a partnership with Omnicom Media Group.


Through creative campaign development, the marketing agency has clients in 80 countries.

Design and Branding

Design is Sid Lee's main focus. Is the leading company in the world's most award-winning.



Headquarter Information

12102-1 Place Ville Marie, Montréal, Québec H3B 3Y1, Canada
+1 514 282-2200

All Locations

Montreal . Toronto . Paris . Los Angeles . New York . Seattle

Sid Lee Case Studies


According to research in France as of 2017, only 3% of the population knew about Colonel Sanders. They developed two strategies to form a strong connection between Kentucky's most famous persona and the KFC brand.


- KFC and Colonel Sanders rooted in national pop culture
- After launching, Bucket Bangers became the most popular playlist on Spotify, proving a huge success in the hip-hop community.

Honda e

Honda e, a new electric car brand that is no longer a prototype. The Honda e is physical proof of how powerful dreams can be, as evidenced by their film, digital platform, and teaser campaign. The film "It's Not a Prototype" is about the process of creating a dream car: the embodiment of faith, the importance of overcoming conventions, and the beauty of making it a reality.


- They helped support the pre-order for the Honda e, already available in Europe, by creating a product page around a 3D model

Marketing Agency's Mission

Sid Lee Mission

They exist for the benefit of people and the planet as a whole. Social responsibility is an important part of their work. To this end, they also encourage their customers and partners to contribute.

Sid Lee Testimonials

In September 2020, Sid Lee Marketing Agency was honored at the 72nd Emmy Awards. For one of his works on the critically acclaimed drama series Godfather of Harlem.

“We are honored to receive an Emmy award for our creative efforts in conceptualizing and executing the main title design for such a poignant series,” said Cam Levin, Chief Creative Officer of Sid Lee USA.