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Social Media Specialist Job Description

With the increasing penetration of social media platforms, organizations are starting to appreciate the importance of taking their brands where the people are. 

Thus, a Social Media Specialist is critical in ensuring that the audience is engaged, entertained, educated, and appreciated. The Social Media Specialist acts as the organization’s ambassador on a range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. As a Social Media Specialist, one is tasked with the responsibility of creating a robust online presence, growing the company followers, and ensuring the followers are engaged through a series of activities.

Creativity is a key requirement to undertake this role successfully. Knowing what content type is ideal for the audience and when the content is ideal requires a high level of creativity. Also, a social media specialist must be a people person as they spend their day interacting with, responding to, and debating with online followers to create awareness, avert public relations backlash, or reinforce the information of the marketing team. Further, the social media specialist must collaborate with the marketing department and sales team to launch a successful social media campaign.

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

The primary role of a Social Media Specialist is to develop and implement a social media strategy to increase online presence and support marketing efforts. Thus, the social media specialist must work closely with the sales team and the public relations team to understand the organization’s priorities and create strategies that can support the organization in meeting its objectives through the social media platform. The social media specialist must plan and execute a content plan to ensure that the organization has a content strategy that covers a range of content types like videos, articles, memes, Q&A sessions, hosting live events, posting behind-the-scenes videos, or hosting a poll.

Also, the Social Media Specialist must anticipate changing content needs and develop a strategy to ensure the organization remains at par with the changes. As a leader in the digital space, the social media specialist must develop a content schedule for the organization for a week, month, or year. Thus, if there are aspects of content creation that require outsourcing, like videos, the social media specialist must source the content creator and guide them to ensure that the content fits in the organization’s overall strategy. Ultimately, the social media specialist must increase website traffic, customer engagements, and online purchases.

Social Media Specialist Job Description Sample

To create engaging content, the Social Media Specialist must have a thorough understanding of the organization’s products or services and the online audience. For instance, if the organization is promoting an event, the social media specialist must design a range of content types to support the organization’s efforts. For example, they must create videos giving a detailed description of the event. Also, the social media specialist must create blog posts or be posted on the organization’s website detailing critical information about the event, like a link to apply. The social media specialist can also host a live Q&A session to respond to customer concerns regarding the event.

Social Media Specialist Responsibilities

  • Conduct research on the trends and preferences of the audience to create engaging and relevant content.
  • Facilitate online conversations with customers to ensure that customer questions, concerns, and orders are responded to.
  • Measuring, recording, and monitoring online KPIs to understand the return on investment.
  • Collaborate with copywriters and other content creators to create attractive, engaging, and creative campaigns.
  • Monitoring all social media content to ensure they adhere to laws and common decency
  • Track customer engagements on all social media platforms.
  • Recruiting, training, and mentoring other social media staff like content creation. Keep up with the technology used in social media to ensure the organization stays up-to-date in the sector.
  • Establish a relationship with industry experts and influencers to boost the organization’s social media ranking.
  • Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, and Hootsuite to track the organization’s social media presence and campaign performance.
  • Engagement with social media followers.
  • Developing a social media content plan which aligns with the organization’s branding and goals.
  • Creating consistent and meaningful content on all social media platforms.

Social Media Specialist Skills/Abilities/Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication, Journalism, or a related field.
  • Preferably, a certification program in Social Media Marketing.
  • Proven record in creating highly engaging and exciting content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Highly creative, innovative, and enthusiastic about social media.
  • Passion for customer service and willingness to continue learning customer preferences.
  • Ability to attract and mentor other social media enthusiasts.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.
  • Strong organization and multitasking skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Social Media Management, including Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics.
  • Strong written communication and copywriting skills.
  • Strong organization and multitasking skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

Social Media Specialist Report to

  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Manager

What’s the Salary of a Social Media Specialist?

With an average of six job search/salary websites, the starting salary of a Social Media Specialist is $ 30,967 00 in the USA per year, while the median salary is $ 40,088 and the most experienced make is $ 70,616.


This Social Media Specialist job description sample will help you create a job application to attract qualified candidates for the role. Feel free to use this outline for your company’s hiring purposes and goals. 

Ensure to send your comments and needs for whatever improvement you suggest to this job description. Also, let us know if you need help on any similar job posting, and we will post it here as soon as possible.

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