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Is Business Services A Good Career Path? A Walkthrough

Different types of business services

Business services is a vast industry that gives you a lot of options and opportunities to dig from. It is an active industry that is constantly growing every day. And if you are thinking of a job in this sector, we would love to provide you with enough reasons why this could be the one you're looking for! So we are all set to answer if business services can be a good career path.

By the end of this article, it would not be a troubling question in your head but an answer to all your questions around why business services is a good career path for you. Let's explore.

What Are Business Services?

Business services need professionals, special equipment, and expertise to achieve a company's set goals and tasks. These services provide companies with specialized labor to help them in assisting their business.

Scope of Business Services for a Good Career Path

The business services might sound like an extensive hub of opportunities, and so it is very well categorized into sub-categories. The different sub-categories are vast in numbers and require your attention to help you choose only the best business services as your career path.

The n number of business services is not new to people, and many companies work in these services at a tiny scale. But it makes all the difference when these business services get consideration in big companies. Take, for instance, an independent vegetable vendor and a Manager Procurement at Walmart.

From essentials to expertise, there are business services according to the needs of a business/company.

The Different Types of Business Services

Different business services
There is n number of business services to choose from.

The business services sector provides specialized support services to consumers and businesses. These services have categories based on their expertise, including accounting, marketing, consulting, IT, legal, advertising, logistics, etc.

Although there are a lot of services available of which the three major categories are :

  • Service business
  • Consumer goods and services

The first on the list are companies that provide intangible goods and products to their customers. Intangible goods are those which can not be seen or touched, meaning they are services. These include services like:

  • Banks
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Airlines
  • Computers services, etc.

On the other hand, the second deals with typical establishments like:

  • Groceries and supermarkets
  • Hardware stores
  • Clothing departments, etc.

Companies like Walmart, Amazon, Target are a part of this industry. It is where goods are made for the end-users and sold through retail outlets. These include cosmetics, processed food and beverages, home appliances, electronics, and so on.

There are various job profiles in the services sector. You can also work with the marketing department of a big company or in the IT department for tech-related jobs in these companies.

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There is no limit when it comes to business services. From marketing, consulting to legal and finance, almost everything is a part of this industry. Business services consist of these service industries as their internal departments, or they outsource it.

How Do I Start My Career in Business Services?

We need to start from the basics to understand how business services can be a good career path.

You can first start as an intern in these companies to gain expertise. Internships are an excellent way to understand what you like and how you want to start your career.

As mentioned above, there are different sub-categories to the business services industries, for which you would need skills accordingly.

You can even start as a small business owner. If you are one already, you can pitch companies with the specific expertise they might need and develop your services per the requirements and demands.

Why Should You Choose Business Services As a Career Path?

Business services is a faster-growing area not limited to one or two specific fields. Instead, it gives individuals the opportunity to choose what's best for them from the many offered services.

To choose business services as your career path, you can work on your set guidelines & interests. Once you've gained expertise, you can develop them into business services like tour guides, marketing professionals, etc. If you are an explorer or love hiking, you can advertise your business services accordingly.

Moreover, business services are a good career path because they offer you much-needed stability in the job. Business services provide good income opportunities that maintain your growth graph along with both brand & customer equity.

Therefore, the growth potential increases as the demand for business services increases.

Job Opportunities in Business Services

Business services are one of the most significant growing career paths. The business services drive performance and generate output for a company or a business. And so, you can find many options in business services because of the increasing demand in the market.

Business Services in EY, USA.

Big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Accenture, EY, etc., are constantly growing in this sector and need your knowledge and skills to develop further. You can, certainly, think of starting your career with big brands.

You can work in the job position of a business service analyst, public policy, risk management, communications, marketing, portfolio/project manager, director, architect, a retailer in these business-serving companies.

Likewise, different business services sectors also have job opportunities to work within a team or lead one.

Before kick-starting your career, you should be aware of what job opportunities these big companies offer.

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Average Salary, Bonus, Benefits & Work Culture

According to a job salary search website, the average salary of an individual working in the business services sector can vary from $26,709 to $775,866/ year. The salary ranges can differ depending on the job, category, experience, skills, education, and other required factors.

For a beginner, the average salary can start from$10,000 to $30,000/year.

The salary and bonuses are both pretty good to start with, but they can vary as per the job role.

Benefits and Perks

Not just the bonuses, but the companies in the service sector have a lot more to offer.

For the well-being of their employees, big companies like Facebook, PepsiCo, Microsoft, etc., offer health, life insurances, and pension plans. These companies also give vacation leaves to their employees.

Facebook provides perks like paid off, maternity and paternity leave to their employees, and discounts on travels, restaurants, hotels, etc. It also offers free gym membership to all its employees, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At Facebook, new staff is given a six months training program for their job training. We wonder why they shouldn't be rated 4.7/5 on Glassdoor in terms of benefits.

Microsoft also offers their employees paid vacation days, sick leave days, US holidays, and flexible work hours.

Work Culture

Business services is a good career path as it promotes active work culture and a healthy lifestyle among its employees. The vibrant work culture ensures behavioral growth and helps you build professional relations with your colleagues.

Recognition and rewards at companies like PepsiCo thrive and promote its employees' success in these business services.

A healthy work culture promotes transparency and healthy competition among the employees, giving them professional growth at the same time. The work culture gives the individual job satisfaction and growth opportunities.

Furthermore, there are training sessions at the workplace to hone employees' skills and expertise, helping them build resilience against any challenges.

Trainign in business services
Procter & Gamble training.

The positive work culture at these big business services companies increases the performance quality and positively influences one's business acumen.

What Would You Learn if You Choose Business Services as Your Career Path?

Different business services provide individuals with diverse experiences. You not just learn but grow and gain experience at the same time in business services.

Business services introduce you to different departments of a company you are working with, which will later help start up your own business. It provides you with business intelligence and understanding.

Staying up to date with the new technology will make you familiar with new tech regulations and help you increase the value of services.

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As a business services owner, you will have the power to set up and execute plans independently.

Being the owner of a business service, you are free to experiment with new things without any pressure. Business services give you the freedom to do things on your terms, again, another great advantage.

Why Are Business Services the Right Choice?

Business services is a good career path for you because you won't have limited options. The business services sector is a vast sector of various interests. On the other hand, it gives the individual the power to get into business services they love.

You don't need a specific degree for getting into the business services, as almost every subject-specific sector comes in the business services.

Furthermore, suppose anything of your choice is not available out there. In that case, you can always create a business service on your own.

Therefore, choosing business services is a good career path. This career path offers everything you would want in your career, so start your journey today!

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